The stowaway from Kenyan plane could have been an airport employee


Authorities in Kenya are suspecting that the stowaway who fell from a Kenya Airways plane in London is likely to have been an employee at Nairobi’s main airport.

The director general of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Gilbert Kibe, said it was unlikely that an outsider could have accessed the plane without notice hence the strongest suspicion it could be an insider.

In the absence of a post-mortem, it has not been ascertain who the man who fell into a residential yard just when the plane was about to land at Heathrow airport was.

“It was unlikely that an outsider would have crossed the runway, and climbed into the plane without being noticed,” the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority boss was quoted as saying.

The plane was flying from the airport in Kenya’s capital to Heathrow when a body fell into a garden on Sunday.

The man most probably had legal access to the airport.

“They do check every part of the airplane, including the undercarriage, the wheels, the breaks, the tyre condition, the wheel well that is above there. They inspect everything. So when those checks were being done, it is not likely that person was there, otherwise he would have been seen. So at which point the person gained access, that is the mystery,” Kibe said.

Police in the United Kingdom said a post-mortem will be done.

The body fell a metre away from a resident who had been sunbathing in the garden in south London’s Clapham suburb.

The discovery of the stowaway who started his journey from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi has raised questions about the effectiveness of security checks in place there.


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