Sweden to deport individuals linked to terror organisations

The Swedish security has called for deportation of individuals linked with international terror organisations amid fears they were recruiting others to engage in terror related issues.

Säpo could not immediately confirm the number of individuals to be affected but there was strong suspicion that they were involved in recruiting people to travel abroad for terror related issues.

The Swedish Migration Agency will make an ultimate decision on the matter amid reports the agency had concluded that Säpo’s evidence was sufficient.

Klas Friberg, who is the Säpo head said they were all suspected of contributing to other people wanting to travel abroad to join terrorist organisations.

He said the organisation had managed to identify platforms where the suspects have been able to preach about radicalization and support the use of violence to subvert society.

Friberg was speaking in Gotland during the Almedalen political festival.

Years  ago, Säpo said about 3,000 violence-promoting extremists in Sweden and about 2000 of them were in Muslim extremist circles.

He said there was belief the numbers were still relevant and accurate.

Friberg said radicalization was continuing even after the defeat of Isis in Iraq and Syria, saying: “The environments that nurture and inspire people to use violence are just as great as before, unfortunately.”

Säpo is also calling for an investigation into criminalizing the possession of terrorist propaganda, such as videos of executions.

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