Sunbathing man survives after stowaway from plane crashes metres away from him near Heathrow Airport

Neighbours say a sunbather who survived after a stowaway plummeted to the ground a few metres from where he was, is lucky to be alife but shaken.

The sunbather has been identified as John Baldock and is a Software engineer.

The sunbathing tenant’s friend, who was inside the house at the time, said it was a miracle the impact did not kill anyone on the ground.

“He didn’t even realise what it was to begin with. He was asleep and then there was a huge impact. The body literally landed one metre away from him and was obliterated. My friend was very shaken. There were a few of us in the house at the time and it was lucky only one of us was in the garden.”

“Nobody would have survived being hit. The impact was horrific.”

The tenant’s brother said there was “a lot of blood” at the scene.

He added: “It was a narrow miss. The garden isn’t very big. There was more than a lot of blood. It wasn’t pretty and caused a significant amount of damage.”

The corpse fell to the ground as the flight from Nairobi approached London Heathrow Airport and opened its landing gear on Sunday afternoon.

The body landed partly on concrete paving slabs and an astroturf lawn – leaving a crater in the, which is 13 miles east of Heathrow.

The plane left Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 9.19am local time and arrived at 3.42pm.

Airline officials said a bag, water and a stash of food were found in the plane’s landing gear after a subsequent search.

The corpse, which was described as being clothed in a blue t-shirt and jeans, remained at the scene for five hours before being taken away by the coroner’s office.

Residents have agreed the tragedy could have been much worse if the body had fallen moments earlier onto the busy public area.

The neighbour, who asked not to be named, said that a plane spotter, who had been following the flight on a plane tracking app from Clapham Common, had seen the body fall.


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