Security on high alert amid fears of gang wars

Police has maintained heavy presense in neighbourhoods around three Stockholm areas in a bid to prevent further violence after linking last week’s fatal shootings near Copenhagen to ongoing bloody gang conflicts.

Two Swedish men, one of them a suspected leader of the Shottaz gang  in Rinkenby were shot last week in Herlev amid suspicion they were victims of gang wars between two notorious groups.

Police fear the wars could intensify  after last week’s incident.

Stephan Kiernan, leader of  Team 22, a Swedish police special unit was quoted as saying such acts will have consequences hence the need for police to increase its presence.

Police have increased presense in areas that include  Rinkeby, Tensta and Kista in Stockholm.

There were reports over the weekend that Danish police could have made a  breakthrough in the case when a 21-year-old Swedish-speaking man was arrested in Aarhus.

The man appeared in court at Glostrup near Copenhagen but the charges he is facing have not been made public.

Reports say the two crime groups have been in serious conflict since 2015 and at least seven people have lost their lives since then due to their wars.


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