Incentive for Swedish teachers in no-go areas

Sweden teachers in no-go areas or areas perceived unsafe for one reason or the other, have been given an incentive to attract more qualified personell in the dangerous zones.

This comes after the Swedish government  passed new measures to increase pay for teachers working in “vulnerable areas” to attract them.

Threats of violence, violence, among other issues are reportedly on the increase in most schools.

Authorities have in the past tried to install security cameras to deal with issues of violence targeted at staff and also among students.

Government, as a matter to curb the violence and attract teachers in dangerous areas, have given the teachers working in these “vulnerable areas” a monthly increase of 10,000 Swedish krona (£848/$1,077) per month, doubling the previous amount.

Offiicials said the move was commendable and such actions were needed to attract the best teachers to these areas.

More than 100 teachers are set to benefit from the fund.

While the move is seen as commendable, others however saying the move will only help attract new teachers and not to motivate those already there.

A survey revealed that schools in no-go zones often see poorer performances.

It emerged also that threats of violence, violence, stabbings and beatings were now common in Sweden schools.

Some of the violence has been targeted at staff with little being done to stop the actions.

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