Mystery surrounds claims Russian man was attacked by bear, kept alive to be eaten later

Mystery is surrounding claims that a Russian man, only identified as Alexander, was dragged by a brown bear and kept inside its den for close to a month to be eaten later with his doctor saying he was only suffering from a chronic condition.

The chronic condition, doctors said, had left him disfigured and was receiving medical attention, contrary to reports that he had been kept by the brown bear in its den for food.

Initial reports were that Alexander had been dragged and was only waiting his day to be eaten by the bear in Tuva, Russia.

Doctors however rubbished the story and said he was in a hospital the whole time.

One of the doctors said he had been treated for chronic psoriasis at the Aktobe Medical Centre in Kazakhstan.

A medic is feared to have secretly filmed him and apparently cooked up the story.

The Doctor said Alexander was believed to be continuing treatment as an outpatient after his mother took him away.

An expert in the  wildlife conservation said that a bear attacking, and dragging, a human into its den is a “very rare thing to happen”.


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