Baby miraculously delivered as mother is stabbed to death


Paramedicas in London managed to deliver a baby after a heavily pregnant 26 year-old woman was stabbed to death.

Kellymary Fauvrelle, who was eight months pregnant,  is London’s 64th murder victim following the attack in Thornton Heath, near Croydon early Saturday morning.

The gender of the baby who is currently in a critical condition has not been disclosed yet.

Police have arrested a 37 year-old man suspected to have committed the murder.

Officials said police were working on the scene and leaving no stone unturned in establishing details behind the case.

“A large crime scene is in place, and is likely to be in place for some time.

“At the forefront of our enquiries is understanding what exactly has lead to these tragic circumstances, and we are doing everything we can to establish the facts,” a police official was quoted as saying.

The woman became the capital 64th murder victim since the start of 2019 after Yusuf Mohamed was also knifed to death in Shepherd’s Bush on Wednesday.

According to witnesses, Mohamed,18, tried to save herself by raising her arms to show she was unarmed, but that could not stop the attackers.

Earlier this month, there were three suspected murders in 24 hours in London and it included the deaths of two teenagers  killed 12 minutes apart in separate gun and knife attacks.


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