BREAKING: Pharmacies currently unable to dispense prescription medicine due to technical issues

A technical error has rendered it impossible to collect medicine on electronic prescriptions from pharmacies throughout the country. In case of emergency, there are routines that allow customers to get their medication despite the error, says Apoteket’s press service.

– There are disruptions in our e-service that prescribe and dispatch recipes, says Jenny Hellgren, press officer at the E-Health Authority, to SVT Nyheter.

The first indication of disturbances came at 10 o’clock on Saturday. The problem concerns pharmacies across the country and there is still no forecast for when it can be solved.

– We are currently investigating what the problem is due to, says Jenny Hellgren.

The disturbances mean that doctors also cannot prescribe electronic prescriptions to patients.

Apoteket AB’s press service states that at least there are routines for dispensing prescription medicine in case of acute cases even in the case of technical problems.

More information to follow.


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