Survey: 28% feel unsafe being alone at night in Sweden

A survey by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention say an average 28%  of people in Sweden would feel  “unsafe” or “very unsafe” with people living in Malmö more affected by crime and were more unsafe than those of any other area.

The survey was for the year 2017-18.

One of the researchers said there was a part of Malmö where a lot of people are exposed to crime and also feel concerned when they go out at night.

In Fosie district, a full 65 percent of respondents said they would feel “unsafe” or “very unsafe” to be out alone late at night in their area and this is seen as the highest proportion of any district in Sweden.

It was 60% for Rosengård, a troubled district also.

Regional differences were stark, from 33 percent in the southern police region to 18 percent in the more sparsely populated northern police region. Sweden is home to seven police regions: northern, central, Bergslagen, Stockholm, eastern, western, and southern.

Despite high fears in some areas, people living elsewhere in Malmö are likely to have reported having been victims of a “crime against an individual” including assault, threat, sexual harassment, mugging, pickpocketing, fraud, harassment and online bullying.

The highest reported incidence of such crimes was in Södra Innerstaden, which includes the popular restaurant and bar district of Möllevången, where a full 33.8 percent of people said they had been victims of crimes against the individual, the highest proportion of any district in Sweden, and well above the national average of 23.8 percent.

The worst district in Sweden for burglary was also in Malmö, with 30.4 percent of people in the district of Kirseberg saying they had been victims of “crimes against a household”, which includes burglary and car or cycle theft.



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