Social media under spotlight for fuelling fake cancer therapies as young mother dies after refusing chemo

A young mother died at a young age of 38 last week, following a prolonged battle against breast cancer. Her case has come under the spotlight as she refused conventional therapy in favour of a vegan diet of mainly raw fruit and vegetables, supplemented with turmeric, seaweed and spells in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Katie Britton-Jordan left behind a grieving husband Neil, and Delilah, their five-year-old daughter.

The lingering questions that will likely haunt Britton-Jordan’s husband, family and friends are whether conventional medicine would have prolonged her life or not. Could she be still alive had she not opted for alternative treatment instead of modern medicine? We will never know.

‘When Katie’s stage 2a triple negative breast cancer was diagnosed in 2016, she was offered a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But she rejected conventional therapy and sought help at a clinic in Mexico, where therapies included placing her feet in a basin of water that supposedly drew toxins from her body.

‘Patients who refuse conventional treatment and opt for alternatives are two and a half times as likely to die within five years of being diagnosed. David Gorski, an American surgical oncologist who specialises in breast cancer, and a crusader against “quackery” through his blog, Respectful Insolence, is convinced that if Katie had opted for conventional treatment, she would still be alive,’ writes the Telegraph.

“From what I’ve learnt about her cancer, I can say with confidence it was quite treatable,” he says. “It hadn’t gone to the lymph nodes. With a combination of surgery plus chemotherapy, she could have expected an 85 per cent chance of long-term survival. Yes, surgery is nasty. Chemotherapy is even worse, I get that. The alternative, however, is near-certain death.”

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