Gothenburg pre-school teacher who duct-taped 9-year-old got away with just a warning

A preschool teacher who taped the mouth of a nine-year-old pupil with silver duct tape has received a warning from the Teachers’ Disciplinary Board for their actions.

The event should have taken place in a classroom in April spring 2017 in connection with five pupils in second-year class who were restless.

A student is said to have behaved messily and the teacher said jokingly, “We may need to tape your mouth so you can keep quiet for a while”.

The student then answered: “Do it and we’ll see if I will become silent”.

The student repeated his wish and then the teacher cut a piece of silver tape and put it over the student’s mouth.

The parents of the pupil reported the incident and it was investigated by the School Inspectorate while the teacher was briefly suspended.

The disciplinary board writes that the action was ruthless and a violation, even if the student participated in the incident. The behaviour is considered blatant and therefore a warning was given.

The teacher was also reported to have said “go and burn” to a student, but on this point, the liability committee believes those words are hearsay and cannot be proven.

The student who suffered at the event has previously received SEK 25,000 in damages from the City of Gothenburg, following a claim from the Children and Students Association

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