The heat wave is on its way into most parts of Sweden, but meteorologists are advising to enjoy it while it lasts as it will apparently not last. Cooler temperatures are expected throughout the country at the beginning of next week.

Temperatures around 40 degrees are expected in several places in Europe in the coming days. Already on Thursday, 40.9 degrees were recorded in Clemont Ferrand, France. The warm air is now proceeding to the Nordic countries and Sweden, but only during the weekend.

– In the beginning of next week, it will be much cooler here in Sweden, says SVT’s meteorologist Pia Hultgren.

She added that it is already quite cool with temperatures down to zero degrees in the northernmost parts of the country. The cool air will soon move further south.

– After the weekend we will have a low pressure formation out on the Atlantic that will start pumping down this cooler air all over the country, she says.

The weather will therefore be windy and to some extent rainy at the beginning of next week.



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