Arbetsförmedlingen’s service for asylum seekers violated the law – top manager reported after a law firm’s investigation

The Public Employment Service, Arbetsförmedlingen, has reported one of its senior managers to the State Responsibility Committee. An investigation by a law firm shows that the manager may have violated the law in connection with the criticized service, Jobskills. The service was set up to help asylum seekers find employers and has been audited by SVT in several reports.

Jobskills is a web page where newly arrived asylum seekers can enter their skills and get in touch with employers. SVT’s review in 2018 showed, among other things, that the service could be used for refugee espionage, and that, despite internal decisions, the Public Employment Service never investigated whether the service was at all legal – until after SVT’s report.

When SVT started asking questions, Jobskills was temporarily halted, and the legal investigation was done. When Jobskills was reopened, it was with great limitations – among other things that the service must not be used by ordinary employment agents.

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