Attempt to rescue brother from war-torn Syria backfires for Swedish man


An attempt by a Swedish man, Suliman Karim, 27, to help his brother leave war-torn Syria  backfired after he was caught at an airport trying to illegally aid the travelling of two men out of Singapore to Germany then Sweden using fake passports.

Karim, originally from Syria and is now a Swedish national working in a supermakert, allegedly went into a deal after meeting a man only identified as Abu Jihad, who offered him the opportunity to get his brother from Syria to Sweden in return for “favours” in Singapore.

It emerged later that the said favours were to illegally aide the travel of two Syrian men from Singapore to Sweden.

Karim, according to his lawyer, engaged into the criminal action out of desperation to help his brother from war-torn Syria.

After travelling to Singapore at Jihad’s instigation, Karim  allegedly received flight booking details for two flights other than his own return flight – one from Singapore to Berlin, and another from Singapore to Stockholm, transiting in Zurich.

Both the additional flight bookings were in Karim’s name and he, in March, went to a terminal at Changi Airport, where he checked in for the flights and printed the boarding passes using his own Swedish passport.

He then went to the Terminal 2 Departure Transit area and met two Syrian men, Sewar Mirza Abdalla and Omar Mohammad Hussein, on Abu’s instructions.

The two are now his co-accused.

The two men were transiting in Singapore on Abu’s instructions, as Abu had been paid US$5,000 to arrange illegal transport for them from Syria to Germany and Sweden respectively.

Sewar had been given a counterfeit Greek passport bearing Karim’s name which he was to take the Berlin-bound flight with.

Luck ran out however after the three were apprehended by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers.

A case of a Swedish man and two Syrian nationals in possession of false Greek and Belgian passports had been referred to ICA’s Special Investigation Branch for investigations.




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