An immigrant from Western Africa will not be deported despite charges of multiple sexual assault cases against him after a prosecutor said the alleged crimes were not serious to warrant such action.

The accused, in his early 20s is said to have gone on a rampage while at a disco in a church in Västra Götaland where he allegedly sexually harass several teenage girls by touching their breasts and buttocks.

Reports said the migrant, a failed asylum seeker was noticed apparently being nice to everyone in the room before he began to touch the girls.

Several complaints about his behaviour were reported to the police by several girls and now facing four counts of sexual harassment.

Prosecutor Joanna Larsen, the crimes are not serious enough to push for his deportation.

The accused came to Sweden in 2015 and applied for asylum but was rejected in 2017 and since then, he has appealed the decision but has not yet received a new ruling and is allowed to remain in the country until then.

This case comes days after a migrant is in court for allegedly raping a young girl and said he did not know it was criminal as no one had told him.




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