Mass resignations in Liberal Party as Burundi-born Sabuni is poised to take over

Burundi –born Swedish politician and former gender equality minister, Nyamko Sabuni’s nomination as the Liberal Party chair has divided the party and led to mass resignations by several officials.

The resignations have sparked debate with many suggesting the party was being racist by showing displeasure on her nomination.

As a result of her nomination, senior party members have announced their departure in protest of her policies as being not liberal enough.

Sabuni is expected to be crowned as the Liberals’ new party leader on Friday after Liberal Erik Ullenhag opted out of the race.

Former MP and vice president of the parliament Kerstin Heinemann said he could not support the imminent “right-wing slant” awaiting the party and announced his departure after 52 years as a member.

He said he was not supporting the new direction of the party and was leaving with grief in his heart.

Linnéa Darell, another former MP took to social media to announce that he was leaving.

He said social-liberal fundamental values that have been key to the party were now under threat.

Ana Maria Hellström Narti, announced she was stepping down, in anger.

Sabuni, the first person of African descent to hold a ministerial post in Sweden, came in 1 in 2002 and served as minister of integration and gender equality in the centre-right government.

She is the author of the book “The Girls We Let Down” about women living under the threat of honour violence.

Sabuni has also said that she wants to be a role model for immigrants in Sweden and someone who immigrants can identify with.

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