Deadly heatwave to hit Europe


Forecasters have warned of a deadly heatwave that will pose a threat to lives with France expected to experience the hottest June on record.

Public warnings have since been issued in France, Spain and Germany amid fear of losing many lives.

The European forecasters say the heatwave has brought sad memories of the continent’s 2003 heatwave which saw 15,000 people perish as temperatures reached a peak of 111F (44.1C) in mid-August.

Temperatures are climbing to 104F (40C) and above in some cities.

Britain is also facing a sweltering week-long heatwave that could see temperatures soar past 86F (30C) following the past two days of widespread downpours and flooding.

Experts say the heatwave is caused by a 2,000-mile wide plume of hot air dubbed the ‘Saharan bubble’ which is being blown from the region by an unusually strong jet stream.

Examinations have since been postponed for thousands of students in France.

Cool rooms have been put in place in government buildings to provide shelter while Germany has given speed restrictions on their highways amid fears that roads could crack because of the enormous heat.


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