Racist Facebook post lands group admin in trouble

A Swedish administrator of a big Facebook group has been charged and found guilty  after failing to remove a comment perceived to be racist.

The guilty verdict handed down Tuesday could lead to major consequences for Sweden, observers said.

Eskilstuna District court ruled that some of the comments on the group were racist  and should have been removed on the “Stå Upp För Sverige”, or stand up for Sweden, Facebook group, for a time the country’s largest.

Facebook has put strict measures to stop individuals and groups from posting among other things, racist remarks.

In 2014, a Swedish teacher was fired for posting racist comments on her Facebook page.

In 2018, Facebook published its rules for moderators on what content they should block on hate speech, racism and violence, showing the internal steps the company takes when removing posts that violate its community guidelines.

The company has employed thousands to monitor and avoid the spread of hate speech.

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