Murder accused slashes self on neck in court

There were dramatic scenes in court in Nebraska after a 54 year-old murder accused slashed his neck with a suspected razor blade.

The accused, Aubrey Trail, in court for allegedly killing a 24-year-old woman and charged with first degree murder, fell from his wheelchair after the incident shouting, ‘Bailey is innocent and I curse you all.”

He is being accused together with Bailey Boswell following the death of Sydney Loofe in 2017.

Police officers rushed over to help him lay bleeding on the floor.

The seriousness of his injuries has not been reported and the judge has ordered the jury to return on Tuesday.

Trail was taken to hospital and has suffered a stroke and two heart attacks since his arrest.

Saline County District Judge Vicky Johnson said the suspect will be handcuffed for the remainder of his trial.

Trail’s lawyer has said the woman’s death was an accident during a consensual sex fantasy.

If convicted, the suspects face the death penalty if convicted.

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