Fear as pharmacies run out of contraceptive pill

A manufacturing error has led to a serious shortage of a brand of contraceptive pill with a particular type of oestrogen in Sweden’s pharmacies.

Officials have advised those who use the contraceptive to speak to their doctors for alternatives as the pills, named Zoely, are not expected to be available in Sweden until after summer.

The company that supplies Zoely, has said it is doing all it can to ensure the contraceptive is available again soon.

However, Viveca Odlind, professor in gynaecology at the Swedish Medical Products Agency said there are no other contraceptive pills containing the same form of oestrogen as the one that is now unavailable.

She said the change to other alternatives may cause problems and urged people to visit a doctor or midwife.

“The problem is if you have tried several different types [of contraceptive pills] and found that it’s precisely this one which works. You can try another kind, but you can’t guarantee that that kind will work exactly as well or without side effects,” Odlind was quoted as saying.

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