Author raises $1 million by blogging crisis at immigration centre


A mom blogger and author, Glennon Doyle,  has changed the lives of children at a migration centre after blogging a desperate situation.

Her blog has since changed lives at border station Clint, Texas, after it emerged that children were being left without soap, diapers, toothbrushes or access to proper medical care.

None of children, according to lawyers, is being properly taken care of and many had not even showered  and most had untreated illnesses.

Doyle took to Instagram to post the heart breaking story hoping only to raise, through her non-profit, Together Rising, $240,000 to help the Immigration Law Clinic at UC Davis School of Law.

However, in less than 24 hours, she had raised more than $1 million.

“You showed up. You posted, tagged, raged, cried. You stopped your day and the world for these children. 18,468 of you gave. In 24 hours you have raised $1,195,245,”  Doyle shared her excitement on Instagram.

She added that the money being raised will help lawyers protect children from abuse and harrowing conditions at immigration detention centres in the United States.

It emerged that children in the immigration centres were living under terrible conditions and some of the children wear clothing covered in mucus and soaked in urine.


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