Chinese President, Xi Jinping, is this week expected to meet with his United States counterpart, Donald Trump, amid a serious conflict between the US and Chinese firm, Huawei, while diplomats are also pushing for the Hong Kong protests over the extradition bill to be tabled for discussion.

The likely meeting is coming at a time diplomatic tension between the two countries has escalated with Trump declaring a national emergency and passed an executive order to restrict U.S. from supplying products to Huawei.

Huawei has also responded to the move, adding to the tension.

China is also desperate to block the Hong Kong protests from being tabled before the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan this Thursday

The Asian country is part of the G20 that meets this week amid calls to have the mass protests that has hit Hong Kong over the extradition bill which many fear could be used to deport political activists to mainland China.

However, the Chinese Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zhang Jun said they will not allow the week-long protests to be discussed.

“We will not allow Hong Kong issues to be discussed at the G20 summit,” he was quoted as saying describing happenings in Hong Kong as Chinese domestic affairs and any foreign force has no right to interfere.

The United States had indicated that Trump may raise the issues of protests in his meeting with Jinping that is expected to look into restarting trade deal negotiations between the two countries.

The remarks by Zhang came after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated that Trump may raise the Hong Kong matter.

More protests are planned in Hong Kong on Wednesday, with campaigners calling for pro-democracy reforms.

Beijing’s refusal to discuss Hong Kong at an international event is not unusual. The Chinese government regularly denounces attempts to bring up domestic issues at global forums.



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