Former Ambassador to China faces prosecution for national security breach


A former Sweden Ambassador to China is facing criminal prosecution after she was embroiled in a scandal that could have breached national security.

Anna Lindstedt was recalled to Stockholm after allegedly arranging unauthorised talks between daughter of detained bookseller, Gui Minhai, 55, and two Chinese men who claimed they could help free her father.

Apparently, this was all done without the knowledge of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Ambassador was recalled to allow for an internal investigation.

The Chinese born Swedish bookseller Gui Minhai is currently being held in custody in China.

Media reports say the former Ambassador has engaged a defence lawyer to argue her case, insisting she did nothing wrong and had nothing to hide.

But the daughter of the detained bookseller said she was abused emotionally and was linked with people unqualified to help her and her father but were pursuing other agendas.

She demanded answers from the ministry of Foreign Affairs that reacted by recalling its official.

Gui was nabbed from his Thailand holiday home and taken to China in what was interpreted as China’s spirited campaign against publishers of books deemed offensive to the Chinese Communist Party.

He was one of five Hong Kong-based booksellers who were known for publishing gossipy titles about Chinese political leaders and all disappeared in 2015.

Gui was to resurface in China, sandwiched by two police personnel,  confessing to involvement in a fatal traffic accident and smuggling illegal books into the mainland.

The case has remained a source of tension between the governments in Stockholm and Beijing.


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