Climate change activists braved heavy police presence, stormed an open cast coal mine in western Germany decampaigning use of fossil fuels.

The protesters broke barricades to get into the mine and several police officers were reportedly injured in the melee at Garzweiler mine trying to stop the restive protesters.

Some of the protesters were part of the thousands who joined a demonstration Friday in Aachen city in support of the school strike movement launched by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg.

Sweden Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson, last week told her counterparts gathered at the Hague, Netherlands that the world must now start listening to younger voices on climate.

“Greta Thunberg, our Swedish 16 year-old climate change activist, has grasped what very many of us adults have not. She calls climate change an “existential crisis” and is urging us to listen to the scientists.”

“When the young generation is urging leaders of the world to stop ignoring facts, what could be more important?” she was quoted as saying.

Germany has vowed to go carbon neutral by 2050 but activists say this is not soon enough, adding a lot needed to be done to address the challenge. Climate is top of the list of concerns in Germany and activists are calling for a quick solution.
A railway line used to transport the mineral was temporarily blocked.


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