Bald men are being targeted for ritual purposes in Malawi, south-eastern Africa, and at least three have been killed so far with assailants believing their heads contain gold.

Police in Malawi have confirmed the three deaths and two arrests in the   district of Milange, where the killings occurred.

Albino people have also been killed in the region for ritual purposes.

The suspects, in their early 20s are in police custody as investigations are underway.

One of the victims had his head cut off and his organs removed and the organs will be used for rituals to enrich clients by witchdoctors, a belief common in Malawi and Tanzania.

People with albinism are also being targeted and reports of their killings have emerged in East Africa with their body parts used to make charms and potions by witchdoctors.

Malawi is regarded as one of the least developed and most impoverished countries on earth. Nearly 53 percent of its 15 million inhabitants live below the poverty line.


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