US missionary faces prosecution over 100 Ugandan children deaths

Uganda, a country in East Africa, has requested for the prosecution of an American missionary, Renee Bach, for deaths of more than 100 children under her care.

There is suspicion in Uganda that the missionary misrepresented herself as a doctor and offered substandard missionary care that could have led to the deaths.

Bach runs a non-governmental organization called ‘Serving his Children’ in eastern Uganda and took children suffering from malnutrition to her missionary compound to feed and treat them.

Most of the children died afterwards and now, the Ugandan government and the locals, Gimbo Zubeda and Kakai Rose from Masese in Jinja District, along with a Civil Society Organization are suing Bach for the actions they allege led to the death of their children in her care.

Zubed and Rose claim they were led to believe that Bach was a medical doctor and that her home was a medical facility, yet all that was not true.

They said she was often perfoming duties of a doctor while putting on a white coat and a stethoscope.

A group under the banner ‘No White Saviours’ is pushing for her prosecution through a social media campaign.

Though the Ugandans are pushing to have her prosecuted, it also emerged she could be a victim of an anti-US missionaries operating in Uganda.

Her organisation has claimed that allegations that she represented herself as a doctor and experimented on the children’s lives were false.

It is not clear how Bach could have caused the death of the Uganda children but last year, she was quoted saying her organisation had treated more than 3000 children suffering from severe malnutrition since 2011.



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