Parliament votes to allow migrants to bring family members to Sweden

Sweden Parliament has voted in favour of making it easier for Syrian migrants and refugees to bring family members to the country.

Only two parties, centre-right Moderates and the populist Sweden Democrats (SD), in the Riksdag voted against the proposal.

The centre-right Moderates and the populist Sweden Democrats (SD) also voted against the “high school law” which has allowed thousands of Afghan migrants to remain in the country.

Observers said the Riksdag move will make family reunifications for Syrians easier.

Also voted for was the extension of a temporary residency permits order put in place during the height of the migrant crisis in 2015.

Justice Minister Morgan Johannson saluted the conservative Christian Democrats for supporting the family reunification motion in the parliament.

He was however criticised by Moderates who said that Sweden was yet to recover from the 2015 crisis.

The Swedish Migration Board predicts that the country will see around 8,000 new arrivals between 2019 and 2021 through chain migration under the family reunification programme.

A further 30,000 migrants living with a residence permit in Sweden that expires this year could also be eligible for family reunification, but must apply and be granted an extended temporary residency permit.


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