Rory Stewart stands up for the biggest Boris Johnson challenge


In the coming few hours, the race to succeed former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May is hotting up and it is no longer a one man race.

It is now open to Rory Stewart  and Boris Johnson and in a matter of time, it will be known who will make it to number 10 Downing Street.

Conservative lawmakers have to select two candidates to be paraded in front of the party membership to decide on who take over from May and all she left unsolved, Brexit included.

Stewart, 46, the international development secretary, is now in the race and in to fight for victory and move with May’s Brexit vision.

He has since shrugged off competition from five candidates and has seen his campaign luring a big support base.

On Tuesday, Stewart  made it to the next round of voting, garnering support from 37 Conservative MPs, a rise from only 19 in the last round.

Now regarded internally as the candidate with a candid statement on Brexit, Stewart says that May’s deal with Brussels is the only one any prime minister can realistically secure.

He says that candidates claiming they can take the UK out of the EU without a deal are lying — because Parliament will not realistically allow them to do it.

Stewart is a former diplomat and suspected to have worked as a spy.

He says he is a pragmatist who can heal divisions in British society by listening to the public. He claims he is proud of the fact that both Labour and Liberal Democrat voters say they would vote for him.


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