Breaking : Boris Johnson on course to succeed Theresa May

Boris Johnson  looks set to replace Theresa May as the United Kingdom Prime Minister after Rory Stewart crashed out of the Tory leadership battle Wednesday night.

Johnson picked up support from Dominic Raab, who was evicted on Wednesday to increase his tally again to 143, taking a firm grip on keys to 10 Downing Street.

Rory Stewart is no longer in the race after garnering only 27 votes.

In a Tweet, Stewart appeared to conceded defeat saying : “I am so moved and inspired by the support I have received over the last few weeks – it has given me a new faith in politics, a new belief in our country. I didn’t get enough MPs to believe today – but they will.”

There will be further rounds of voting until there are just two candidates left. The two will then be put to members of the Conservative Party. Whoever they choose will be the UK’s next prime minister. The winner is expected to be announced in late July.

Third round results sees Boris Johnson (143 votes), Jeremy Hunt (54), Michael Gove (51), Sajid Javid (38) and Stewart on 27.



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