Eighteen months in jail for luring two Romanians to be beggars in Sweden


A 34-year-old man lured two men from Romania, capitalised on their vulnerability and forced them into begging, a court has heard.

For that, the man has been sentenced to one and half years in prison for the offence that forced the two desperate men into begging for 12 hours a day.

The Judge found in her verdict that the culprit was taking proceeds from the beggars and quashed a lower court ruling that had found the accused not guilty.

A  Malmö District Court last year found the accused innocent saying there was nothing to believe the beggars had attempted challenging the accused or at least attempt to flee.

The Judge said the accused on the vulnerability of the two men in a foreign land with no capacity and means to travel back to Romania.

The Court heard that the accused saw the two men sleeping in a train station in Romania, bought them food and drinks before offering to take them to Sweden to start the “begging” initiative.

They were later driven to Malmo by the accused person who showed them a homeless shelter where they could sleep.

He initiated them into begging and would however demand all their day’s collections, normally around 300 kronor ($32), failure of which would be met with threats of violence and death.

An argument ensued among the three, attracting interests from the police after a tip off.

Apparently, begging is banned in most parts of Sweden following a court ruling.


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