Aspiring UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson under pressure to speak on his private life

Boris Johnson is set to become the next British Prime Minister but  his private life has become a hot topic.

Johnson is under pressure to reveal his private life, particularly after news of his “illegitimate daughter” resurfaced.

Johnson, the front runner to succeed Theresa May as British Prime Minister  is being pressured to say how many children he has but allies insist it is a private matter.

There have been inquiries also on the list of the women in Johnson’s life yet again, his loyalists maintain it remains a private matter.

The media has since grilled his supporters on why Johnson was seemingly coy in facing questions about his public and private life, including the number of children he has.

Apparently, Johnson has four children with his wife Marina Wheeler who he separated from last year with the pair now in the process of getting divorced.

It emerged in 2013 that Johnson had fathered a child in an extramarital affair with Helen Macintyre, a professional art consultant, and the Court of Appeal ruled that the public did have the right to know about it after a privacy battle to keep the birth a secret.

The daughter was alleged during court proceedings to be the second child fathered by Johnson as a result of an affair, according to the Guardian, Johnson is now in a relationship with 31-year-old Carrie Symonds having previously hit the headlines in the 2000s over an affair with socialite Petronella Wyatt.

Wyatt allegedly had an abortion as a result of the relationship.

Johnson has faced criticism for failing to take part in a televised leadership debate hosted by Channel 4 on Sunday evening and a hustings event in front of political journalists in Parliament.

James Cleverly, a Brexit Minister and Johnson’s ally was quoted as saying : “Well I am not going to discuss the private lives of any of my Conservative colleagues. I don’t gossip about people’s private lives.”

“It is absolutely private life. I don’t gossip about anybody’s private life. That is my position.”

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