With Lebanese Roots & A Swedish Upbringing, Jonas Is A Handsome Collision of Two Worlds

By: Billy Hydar

The striking heartthrob Jonas Assaad, Mr Europe 2019 Finalist who is Lebanese by origin but was raised in Malmö, Sweden, will join other socialites at the inaugural Africa Nordic Fashion Expo in Malmö on the 1st of June.

mr Swe

Jonas is no stranger to attention as he has always been under the spotlight since as a teenager. Growing up, realizing the talent he possesses in acting and modelling, he developed his skills to excel professionally in the fashion and film industry. Now he is representing his beloved country Sweden, for the Mr Europe Euro-nation contest 2019, where he is among the 6 finalists to compete for the title.

What do you think of cultural integration in Sweden? How do you maintain who you are having a different background but raised in Sweden?

I can honestly say, that I really enjoy my life in Sweden. This country gives a lot of opportunities to young people especially – here we can feel free to make our most important life choices, to build our careers and families. Actually, if you work hard and follow your purposes with inspiration, all doors eventually will be open for you.

The important part of our personality is created with our cultural, religious, family heritage and history. Together with our dreams these fundamental values of our mentality build us as individuals, make us special, develop our uniqueness, and keep our identity protected.

I will add, it depends on how strong our spirit and feeling of humanity are. Cultural integration in Sweden is a process that can show us – we can break barriers that make us strangers to each other; people with different backgrounds can peacefully co-exist together and respect each other, and not be afraid to follow their traditions; they need to cooperate and help their neighbours, but at the same moment they should struggle to save their identity, mentality, despite any challenges and stereotypes of our time.

mr swe2

What does it mean for you to be the first model to open the show? Why did you choose to participate in the ANFCE fashion show in Malmö?

The outfits we choose is often the most powerful and obvious form of personal expression. What we choose to wear identifies and portrays a lot about the inside of our hearts.

I have always felt Malmö needs more fashion influences, to raise the bar with the big fashion hubs as Stockholm, Copenhagen.  I can tell you a scoop that this event isn’t going to be the first and last, there are plans to collaborate with regional and even international influencers!

Malmö is the 3rd largest city in Sweden and with the vast multicultural blend, made me really interested in participating in ANFCE, I feel it is empowering to be a part of the first fashion show in Malmö to be made on such scale and venue!

What can the attendees expect to see and experience?

Fashion is a passion and a goal to reach in the multi-cultural representations, it is created through designers, musicians, photographers, models, and stylists. Thus, with all these presented, the audience will feel all different cultures are passing by in front of their eyes throughout the whole time with a blend of the Nordic and African niche!

As the Mr Europe 2019 Finalist, representing Sweden, I promise that I will put my stage presentation skills in order to present the collection, exclusively made by the designers for the event in the best and most presentable way ever!




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