American Airlines’ pilots union hits out at Boeing for blaming foreign pilots in fatal crashes


American Airlines’ pilots union has hit out at Boeing for insinuating that the pilots in two fatal crashes involving Boeing aircraft were to some extent responsible for the planes going down.

The association said this insinuation by Boeing was “inexcusable” and that it’s “a poisoned, diseased philosophy.”

Dennis Tajer, a spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, accused Boeing of unfairly blaming foreign pilots involved in the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes.

Tajer told CNN: “Shame on you (Boeing). We’re going to call you out on it.”

Asked if the Ethiopian crash might have been prevented if Boeing had acted on the US pilots’ concerns, Tajer said: “I think that’s a fair conclusion... They had wired that thing so that it was irrecoverable. It just blew us away,” Tajer said.


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