French kissing may cause gonorrhoea in the throat



A new study has found some dreadful evidence that deep kissing, popularly known as French kissing, maybe a huge risk factor in passing gonorrhoea from one person to the other.

According to the study published in the journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, researchers found ‘the first empiric evidence that gonorrhoea may be transmitted from one man’s oropharynx to another man’s oropharynx through tongue-kissing.’

Previously, the study adds, it has generally been assumed that gonorrhoea can only be acquired from an infected penis or anus, not from another man’s oropharynx; hence, the importance of the oropharynx has been neglected in gonorrhoea transmission.

Therefore ‘kissing with or without sex may be a risk factor for oropharyngeal gonorrhoea.’



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