Unavoidable Changes To Arbetsförmedlingen Initiated


Much awaited – and criticised – changes to the Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmendlingen)  have been initiated following a government initiative on Wednesday when it commissioned the service to help in its own redevelopment.

The redevelopment of Arbetsförmedlingen is part of the January agreement between the  Government, the Center Party and the Liberals. The agreement was reached following an indecisive election in which no political party obtained a majority.

Consequently, in order to form a goverment, four political parties came together, forcing a situation in which the agreement had to compromise on demands from each party especially the liberal block which held power to see the agreement through in parliament. One of the major demands on the liberal side was the restructuring of Arbetsförmedlingen.

According to the Labour Minister, Minister Ylva Johansson (S), it can be said that the work has now begun seriously.

– It is a task to analyze and prepare and assist with the reform of the Employment Service, but it is also a message about the direction of the changed authority, says Johansson

– The Public Employment Service must remain as an important authority, which must have a presence throughout the country, conduct analyses and make labour market policy assessments, control suppliers and provide an infrastructure for job seekers. The actual matching will be carried out by independent actors, says Ylva Johansson.

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