One person has contracted tuberculosis (TB) at a workplace in Kalix. It is not yet clear how the person has been infected, according to NSD.

In December 2018, it became known that a person who stayed in Gammelstad’s health center and the public dental care facilities fell ill of tuberculosis. A major infection trace effort started and 700 people were examined.

After the investigations, it emerged that six people were carrying latent TB but that no one had become ill with fever or cough.

Now a new case has appeared in the county, but this time in Kalix. According to NSD, an infection tracing will begin. The affected person is interviewed and gets questions about how it moved and who it was with.

– If you find a fall in the environment, which you rarely do, you broaden the infection tracking, says Anders Nystedt, infectious disease doctor in Norrbotten to NSD.


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