Government Agency Diverted Public Funding To Pay For Its Own Operations Via A Third Party


The Swedish ESF Council (European social fund), with its head office in Gävle, has, according to a review by Dagens Nyheter, used an EU project to pay for its own business. Millions of crowns have been paid out in violation of the rules.

The Swedish ESF Council is responsible for distributing EU contributions in Sweden. DN reveals that for two and a half years, the authority has paid out over five million in advance to a consulting company that ran an EU project. From there, the money was then used, by the authority, to purchase various services for their own business. Among other things, to produce the Director-General Lars Lööw’s video blog.

Lars Lööw admits that there were several large deficiencies in the authority’s actions and has registered himself for the Swedish Competition Authority, possibly eventually make a notification to the Swedish Economic Crime Authority as well.

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