Latest Gaza violence takes devastating toll on locals



The latest round of violence in the Gaza Strip and nearby Israeli cities has left four Israelis, over 20 Palestinians killed, said reports.

More than 600 rockets have been fired into southern Israel since Saturday morning, about 150 of which were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system, more than 35 rockets hit populated areas, according to Israeli reports.

In southern Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Sderot, many buildings were severely damaged in the rocket attacks.

Hadassa, a Sderot resident, recalled the horrifying moment when her family ran into her home’s emergency shelter, which is required to be added to all residential buildings by the Israeli government, when the shelling on her house took place.

“As soon as hearing the air raid siren, I took one of my children to the shelter, and my husband had already taken two other children there. Then we heard the siren was sounded the second time, then followed by a huge blast. I was sheltering my children with my body and so terrified. We heard the sound of window glass being smashed and knew that was caused by the rocket shelling nearby us,” she said.

Hadassa said her family left their home to a safer place the next day, and she only comes back occasionally to clean up the debris. The family hopes the conflict to end soon.

Tensions ran high since the weekend as the Gaza Strip witnessed the most serious fighting with Israel since the latter’s military campaign in Gaza in 2014.

The latest conflict has left at least 27 Palestinians killed and around 200 others injured.


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