Housing Allowance Scandal Reveals Political Parties Never Audited Their Members of Parliament


Parliamentary parties in Sweden did not until now, check the conduct of their members of parliament regarding housing allowances.

In an extensive report by the news agency TT, political parties left their members unchecked and enabled some of them to take out housing allowances based on misrepresentation.

However, after the media outed this practice, several parties have now initiated reviews according to TT.

“TT asked the eight parliamentary parties if they examined their members’ housing conditions and remuneration – and what they will do in the future (regarding the issue).

It turns out that no party made any such checks before.”

– One can think that parties that get so many resources should look at what their members are doing, says Tommy Möller, professor of political science at Stockholm University.

– It is a little strange that they did not review this before, added Möller.


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