Number of refugees landing Greek islands soars as the weather improves


A total of 662 refugees crammed onto five Greek islands on the Aegean Sea on April 22-28, up nearly 50 percent from the week before, said the Greek government on Thursday.

The main reason for the sharp increase of refugee arrivals was the improved weather on the northeastern Aegean Sea. Without strong winds and rainfall, it became much easier for them to land on the Greek shores across the strait.

Statistics showed that the number of refugees arriving at the Aegean islands of Greece amounted to 1,866 in April, while 2,648 were transferred from those islands to the Greek mainland in the same period.

Although Greece has taken measures to transfer the refugees from the islands, there seemed to be other uncertainties regarding the resettlement of those displaced on the mainland.

As the country is to hold its local government elections at the end of May, regional authorities have delayed plans to build new standardized refugee camps in response to the growing calls for the eviction of refugees.

Therefore, the overcrowding problem at the existing camps will not be eased in the near future, nor will the condition of unstable public security and poor sanitation there.

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