IMPORTANT: Today is the last day to declare or you will face hefty fines



Today, May 2, is the last chance to declare your income to the tax agency, Skatteverket, on time. Failure to do so will attract hefty fines and forgetting is not a good excuse either.

If you somehow ‘forget’ to declare today you will be forced to part with a hefty sum of 1250 Swedish crowns. All declarations have to be submitted no later than today.

Delays in declarations will cost a further 1250 Swedish crowns in fines after three months. If you have not submitted the declaration after five months, another fee of SEK 1,250 will be added, which means that the person who is really late in declaring can be forced to pay a total of SEK 3,750 in late fees.

However, there are exceptions: if the delayed declaration depends on age, health or other, you may be partially or completely released from the penalty fee. Anyone who lives abroad will also not receive a delay fee if the declaration is submitted by 31 May.


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