One child at a preschool in Malmö was found missing at the pickup time on Monday and it is unclear what the child did or what could have happened to it in that absence. The child was later found by the staff outside the preschool area, near a busy road, reports SVT.

Pre-school manager Caisa Olofsson said they were investigating and treating the matter as serious.

– We are serious about this and are investigating how this could happen despite guidelines and routines, says Pre-School Manager Caisa Olofsson.

– Everyone in the staff should write down in detail what they did during the afternoon and when did they see the child. The investigation is not yet complete, says Margaretha Danielsson, head of education in the area Väster.

When asked, Danielsson said an unattended child was always in danger.

– There is always a danger when children are unattended, no matter where they are, says Margaretha Danielsson.

The staff immediately called the police when it was clear that the child was gone and a written communique was sent to parents about the incident.

– On Monday evening we talked to the home and to the child who was then calm. We are so grateful that it was unhurt, Danielsson said.

On whether the routines needed to be changed;

– If we are to change or go through them with the staff, we will see. The routines clearly need to be updated, and we must investigate how this could happen, explained Margaretha Danielsson.


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