Moderates party leader Ulf Kristersson directed sharp criticism against prime minister Stefan Löfven after the latter’s Workers’ day speech in Umeå. Kristersson reacted strongly to Löfven’s suggestion that Moderates and Christian Democrats are ‘copying right-wing extremists’.

“Stefan Löfven takes the debate to new bottom levels,” he wrote to SVT.

Stefan Löfven (S) devoted a significant part of his speech to a warning of the danger of growing right-wing extremism.

In a verbal boot aimed at the Moderates, he urged the party not to acquaint itself with Swedish Democrats.

“I can understand that they need to do something when more and more people realize that big tax cuts are not the solution to all the major problems of society,” S-leader said, adding:

“It does not mean that you have to start looking at a party that was once founded by the white power movement and then consider how to copy their rhetoric and even cooperate with their policy.”

“Swedish social democracy is embarrassing. The fact that a prime minister of a Western democracy portrays two democratic opposition parties, the Moderates and the Christian Democrats, as the right-wing extremist is unique. Stefan Löfven takes the debate to new bottom levels, ” Kristersson write to SVT.

Christian Democrats leader Ebba Busch-Thor wrote on her Facebook page that the prime minister  was ‘feeling threatened.’

“It is understandable that Löfven feels threatened by KD’s message that we can talk to everyone in order to try to get through the policies we think Sweden needs based on our values. KD’s message is not a threat to democracy. On the contrary, it is a celebration of a healthy democracy that beyond conflict-filled debates (which also belong to democracy) sometimes we also manage to seek consensus where possible. “, she wrote.


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