EU must do more to stop tax evasion by the rich: S Dems

By: DailySweden

The Swedish prime minister, Stefan Lofven, and Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson have written a lengthy op-ed on tax evasion citing that the European Union needs to do more to stop the rich from evading tax in the union.

“It cannot be voluntary for the rich to pay taxes and it is through the EU that tax evasion should be stopped,” wrote the duo.

On worker’s day –  May 1st –  the Social Democrats launched one of their main issues in the forthcoming EU parliamentary elections in a debate article in Aftonbladet.

“We Social-Democrats can never accept that paying tax becomes voluntary for a few. Step by step we must ensure that everyone pays for themselves. Therefore, we go to EU elections on new measures to stop tax evasion,” they write in the article.

The EU should not be able to be used by rich individuals, countries or companies to drain nations on tax revenues, they continued, adding that the Social Democrats are therefore proposing a number of measures to stop tax evasion.

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