Detained & deported on dubious grounds, Pape Matar returns to Sweden


One of the Matar brothers who became famous for being racially profiled by the police and immigration authorities in Sweden, Pape Matar, returned to the country to take part in a panel talk organised by the Left party Malmö chapter on Saturday.

When the Matar brothers arrived in Sweden the first time it was on an anticipated visit to their relatives in Malmö but were quickly usurped into an immigration nightmare. They were detained and subsequently deported on a chartered plane because, according to the Migration Agency, their visas were based on suspicious claims since they referred to their cousin as “brother” and to his cohabiting (sambo) girlfriend as “wife.”

On his return, Pape was welcomed by the Left party member of parliament Malcolm Momodou Jallow at Kastrup airport.

We asked our race and society columnist Edinah Masanga for a comment:
“The Swedes should try to learn about other things that are written in other languages other than just Swedish. It is not uncommon that people in Africa don’t use the word cousin preferring instead to emphasize the closeness of extended families by calling their cousins brother or sister. And most marriages in Africa are not based on the white wedding or legal process concept, in most cases, they are traditional ceremonies which do not involve legal paperwork and the couple gets to be called ‘husband and wife’. The ignoramus of immigration officials not knowing such basic relationship dynamics is baffling and exposes how sometimes the Swedish society can be dangerously narrow-minded.”
Photos: Vänsterpatiet Malmö


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