Naked Swedish policeman apprehends wanted fugitive in sauna


By: DailySweden

A policeman who was enjoying his day off at a sauna saw by chance that another man in the sauna was wanted for having absconded his prison sentencing. The policeman, despite being naked in the sauna, decided to act swiftly and apprehend the fugitive. The courageous and selfless policeman is now being hailed for this intervention.

It was on a Friday night that the vacant police officer sat in a steam room at a spa when he recognized the wanted man. The man had, among other things, been sentenced to an attempt for serious violence against a civil servant and a drug crime, but when the day came when he would serve his punishment he did not appear, which led to him being put on the wanted list by the police.

– This policeman was free and by chance, and a little comical enough, in this case, they both recognised each other in the sauna, says Christoffer Bohman, deputy local area manager for the police in Rinkeby.



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