Instagram star doesn’t want ‘to catch a cold’ in economy class so she puts her kids there and flies business

By: DailySweden

A 40-year-old Instagram star and TV presenter puts her family in the economy class while flying business because she wants “time to focus” and does not want to “catch a cold” from the squeezed-in economy passengers

“If I’m booked in economy, I will always try to upgrade if there’s scope to do so,” said Naomi Isted, a fashion journalist and TV presenter from Essex, UK.

However, this upgrade does not apply for her kids, as she believes that they should grow up first and become old enough to “appreciate and understand the value of money and hard work” before they start flying business.

“I never personally experienced business or first until I was presenting a wine TV shows in my 20s.”

She also elaborated on why she likes to fly business.

“I think it’s more the space and facilities that can make it worthwhile — the quality of the food or the space and comfort of a seat with various charging points, if you’re working as I am.

“As a presenter the main thing for me is preserving my voice and not catching bugs or colds from nearby passengers who could be in a very close proximity if travelling economy.”

Isted acknowledges that this is a call that “she will probably be judged for.”

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