Greek police arrest 54 foreign undocumented immigrants

A total of 54 undocumented immigrants were arrested by Greek police on Friday near the central railway station of Thessaloniki, the largest city in northern Greece.

According to a statement released by the Greek police on Saturday, the 54, reportedly from countries including Morocco, Libya, and Syria, were arrested during an anti-illegal immigration operation that was jointly launched by the police and local government of Thessaloniki.

Arriving at the makeshift camp, police firstly detained 78 foreigners who were camping there and then released 24 people who hold a residence permit issued by the Greek government.

Since autumn of 2018, dozens of immigrants have called these makeshift tents home and have refused to move to government’s shelters despite the harsh living conditions in the camp due to bone-chilling snowy weather.

However, police claimed that as the camp has been expanding in size, an increasing number of illegal immigrants have mingled into the crowd of those who holding residence permit.

As the weather has begun to warm up, local residents living around the camp have accused the campers of bringing sanitation issues that could trigger major public health hazards.

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