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British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday that there is still not sufficient support in the House of Commons for a third vote on the Brexit deal.

May made this statement at the House of Commons as the European Commission announced that it had completed its preparations for a potential no-deal Brexit on April 12, warning that this scenario is increasingly likely.

May is expected to bring her Withdrawal Agreement back for a so-called third meaningful vote; however, earlier the government said that it wouldn’t do that unless it was sure it had enough support to win the vote.

Meanwhile, MPs on Monday voted in favor (329 to 302) of an amendment tabled by Oliver Letwin, which would lead to a series of indicative votes on Wednesday for “alternative ways forward” with Brexit. Yet May remains “skeptical” about the process of indicative votes, saying that she would not commit to delivering the outcome of the votes.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor Party, also called his party to vote for an amendment, which was approved by 327 votes against 300. The amendment calls on the government to provide sufficient parliamentary time this week for a series of indicative votes.

The MPs also disapproved of an amendment (311 to 314) proposed by Margaret Beckett from the Labor Party. Her amendment stipulated that if the UK was seven days away from a no-deal Brexit, the government would allow MPs to vote on whether to leave without a deal or to request another extension from the EU to give time for the British Parliament to determine a different approach.


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