Stranded ISIS Swedes: “We have a right to come back”


The Swedish public broadcaster SVT’s correspondents have met with ISIS Swedes and report that they have declared they have a right to come back to Sweden.

“We have the right to come back,” says IS Swedes to SVT,

They claim that they are innocent and several of them say that they have been unaware of IS cruelty – and now want to come home to Sweden. In an exclusive, SVT Correspondents Sanna Klinghoffer and Niclas Berglund meet some of the Swedish women who travelled to Syria to join the world’s most brutal terrorist sect.

In a video, Sanna Klinghoffer meets two women who say that they have not had access to free media and therefore have not been able to find out what IS has done. Now they are trapped in the Kurds prison camp in eastern Syria.

– You can’t judge a whole people by what the leaders have done, says one of the women to the SVT Correspondents. DailySweden


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